Our company produces European and Scandinavian type windows and doors.
The technology used by us allows you to offer a wide range of products as well as technical and architectural solutions. We do not have any "standard" product size, configuration or color. The design of the windows, carefully work with each client to offer the best option in each case. Therefore, our windows will always fulfill your expectations.

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of windows and doors, always use the best and most advanced materials.

Heat-saving tips:
Depending on the building structure, heat loss through windows and doors consists from 21% to 33%. While, the main window heat loss is glass. Most heat - insulating glass units using energy - efficient glass. If the space between the glass filled with inert gas (argon, krypton), thermal insulation will improve. Heat transfer is expressed by the heat transfer coefficient U - heat transfer per 1 m² surface at 1C ° temperature difference between the surface side. Very good insulation can be achieved by using triple-pane windows with inert gases - krypton. Such two-chamber glass package reduces the U-value till 0.5 W / m2K.

Protection from the sun:
Protection from the sun problem mostly arises in rooms with large windows on the south and west side. Infrared rays together with others almost undisturbed passes through both panes of glass unit and heats the room: furniture, walls, floor. In order to maintain optimum indoor air temperature it is necessary cool indoor air. Air cooling 1° C costs about three times more than the same number it to heat up. Therefore for glazing we offer use glass package with external solar control glass. This most recent glasses, now rapidly gaining popularity in Europe, almost do not differ visually from clear glass, but in the summer effectively reflect sunlight and help keep the heat in the winter. This glass spends only a fraction of the sun's rays to ensure adequate lighting, but prevent overheating of the room.

Secure windows:
At customer's request and, in some cases, according to the European Union's security regulations (Construction Technical Regulation STR 2:05:20: 2006), we produce windows and doors with security (tempered or laminated) glass. Tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger than normal, and as crashed, he breaks into small fragments with blunt edges. It should be used in rooms where the glass can be damaged due to human activities in buildings (eg., the entrance door), as well as in possible critical areas. Laminated glass are glass, coated with a special film. After the shock glass ruptures, but the fragments of glass remains sticked to the film. We will always advise You where and how best to use safety glass.
Self-cleaning windows:
Such windows using glass with special semiconductor layer  which affected by ultraviolet radiation from the sun and rain water, evenly distributes and quickly dries excess water. Therefore, there is no specific dried streaks of water on the glass. As well, the layer breaks down and removes dirt. Of course, this does not mean that there's no need to clean the window, but this work will be made significantly less times and require a much less effort.
Sound insulating windows:
The most important part of sound conduction for the window has the glass. The main factors that decide sound insulation is a glass thickness (the bigger the glass, the sound conductivity less), the distance between the glasses (the bigger, the better the insulation), glass configuration (using glasses of different thickness). So wherever you need very good sound insulation, double glazing should be chosen with the thicker glass (6, 8 or 10 mm). More preferably, that at least one glass has the sound insulating film, and the distance between them 16-20 mm.